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Island Sipan - Dubrovnik
White house - Island Sipan


White house

In the vicinity of Dubrovnik there are few lovely islands. Since the Roman period they are called ‘Elafiti’ (deer’s islands). The biggest among them (16km2) is called  Sipan. There are two main villages on the Island of Sipan : Sipanska Luka and Sudjuradj.

For its beauty, peace and picturesque countryside it was recognized by Dubrovnik’s nobility very early in time of Dubrovnik’s Republic. They built 44 mansions and 32 churches on the island.  The prettiest among them are the palace of the family Skocibuha in Sudjuradj, and dukes summer palace in Sipanska Luka. In the old times, about 2000 people lived on the island. Today there are only 150 residents, mostly in Sipanska Luka.

You need only one hour and 30 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik,  for escaping the urban life and getting to Sipanska Luka, where people still live in a way their ancestors did….You will be delighted by crystal clear see, scented pine woods, and rich history of the island full of myths and legends. All of that along the quiet summer nights, creates a perfect ambiance for your escape of stressful life in big cities. Meet the island of Sipan and its typical Dalmatian village Sipanska Luka.

Yellow house - Island Sipan


Yellow house

Island Sipan
Island Sipan


Island Sipan

Island Sipan, Sipanska Luka
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